Welcome To A New Adventure

So this isn’t my first time blogging. It’s not even my second. I’ve blogged sporadically for the last three and a half years. You might know me from The HeArt of Being Fearless (attempt No. 1) or Fearless & Free, Fearlessly Emily (attempt No. 2). Or you may know me because my mom has shared countless clips on her Facebook.

But what you don’t know is I’ve just entered into a new chapter aka post-grad life. So I felt that yet again it was time to reinvent myself. Us PR folks call it rebranding. All of my previous blogging work has focused on being fearless because for a long time that’s what I needed to learn. But at this point in time, I don’t need to constantly be reminded that’s how I want to live my life — I mean I have the tattoo already. I also didn’t want to have to feel like everything had to be tied back to fearlessness — I felt I had more to say.

There’s something to be said about new beginnings and reinvention. There are so many possibilities, so much potential, and that’s what this blog is meant to represent. For Love, Life & Coffee is a twentysomething’s take on love and life with the help of coffee. The coffee. is. VITAL. Here you will find a little of me, a little fashion and passion, and a lot about love and life. There might even be some guest posts and book recommendations involved. Think of this as a chat over coffee because I always have coffee.

Welcome to my new adventure. Please pull up a chair and join in. Thank you for being here.

XOXO, Emily

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    March 2, 2016 at 3:09 pm

    Woo! So excited to see what’s next for you in the blogosphere. Love the photos, too 😉 –– Go Emily, go!! In omnia paratus.

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      March 2, 2016 at 3:31 pm

      Thanks, friend! In omnia paratus!

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