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As It Should Be

I’ve found myself buried in Netflix and political news since before the election. Netflix, because I need some sort of escape and inspiration. News because it’s everywhere and I have to know what’s going on. But y’all, it’s a…

Life Thoughts

A 22-year-old & The US Election

I’m speechless and I’m in mourning. Last night, this morning, all day, my heart broke for the America I thought we were and the America we are becoming. My heart hurts because half the population (including some of my…

Life Thoughts

GMW, STEM & Equal Partnerships

A couple weeks ago, I was finishing the newest season of “Girl Meets World” (GMW) on Netflix. Go ahead, judge me. I don’t care. I grew up watching “Boy Meets World” (BMW). Yes, I was super young when I…


The Time I Became A Cat Lady

It happens to all of us at some time or another. We are single, spend a lot of time alone, and are searching for a new job or we want to make a life change. It happened to Lorelai Gilmore:…

Life Work

Job Searches Are Like Dating

Finding a job is a lot like dating. You jump in with no idea what you want or what to expect, send out all the signals, trust in the universe, and pray the right one will come along. You…