For Love, Life & Coffee

Welcome to For Love, Life & Coffee, a twentysomething’s take on love and life with coffee’s help. Here you will find a little about me, a little about fashion and passion, and a lot about love and life.

For Love, Life & Coffee started because I wanted to wish into reality the positive I desired in my life, and I wanted to share my adventures with my own little corner of the world. That’s where the love and life come in. And for those who don’t know me, I’ll do just about anything for and with coffee. Just ask around.

I like to call myself creative. My mom likes to call me unique. In reality, I’m a writer and photographer always willing to try a new adventure. Welcome to the next one. So grab a cup of coffee or tea (we don’t discriminate here), sit down, read, comment, and enjoy. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

Oh, and I’m so glad you’re here.

XOXO, Emily